Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. Copyright

Any written content, photography or other material shown on www.investment-bikes.com may not be used without the expressed consent of Investment Bikes, Peer, Belgium. Please contact us to request the use of any materials.

2. Payment

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or in cash. Goods may not be collected or shipped until all funds have cleared. We will notify you as soon as payment has arrived on our account and all funds have cleared in full. Services such as shipping etc. is the responsibility of the buyer.

3. Privacy policy

To ensure the safety of customers details, we will not share details disclosed to us with other parties, nor will this information be used for any activities other than processing the order and/or shipping the items, unless agreed upon in writing. We may contact you from time to time with your permission to let you know of offers that www.investment-bikes.com is running and to send you our regular newsletter. You may request to be removed from our contact list at any time. For this and any other questions please contact us at info@investment-bikes.com

4. Follow-up

Once the agreement is made, the item will be removed from our sales-stock and no longer offered. A copy of the sales agreement will be forwarded to the customer as confirmation of our agreement. The item will be made available at the agreed upon location stated in the agreement.. We consider a signed agreement legally binding.


As a service to you we can provide you with shipping quotes from reliable shipping companies we have worked with for many years. The customer may select their own shipping company as well. This service is offered at no additional cost to the customer as we will prepare all shipping quotes and documents as part of the purchase price. Also included in the purchase price is the crating of the item for shipping.

Once the item is released to the selected shipper the responsibility for the shipping is between the customer and the shipping company. Of course we will assist in every way possible, but at that point the shipper is responsible for delivery of the item.

Items being collected from our showroom in Peer, Belgium must be done by appointment.

6 Return Policy
The motorcycles we sell are considered collector items. We purchase them from private owners and estates. We do so based on the description and representations of the owner. We of course verify this before we purchase the motorcycle for resale. We use this description and representation in our sale of the motorcycle and can not be held responsible for omissions by the original owner. Our description and representation of the motorcycle being sold is actuate to the best of our knowledge and Investment Bikes can not be held responsible for any omissions. There is no implied or stated warranty for any motorcycle sold by Investment Bikes.

7 Age restriction

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter into a purchase agreement.

8 Availability

Items displayed at www.investment-bikes.com may not be available pending the completion of a prior purchase agreement. We only remove items from the web site once the purchase agreement is signed by both parties.

9. Taxes and Duties

Motorcycles sold by www.investment-bikes.com are subject to Belgian taxation for all European Union customers. There are no taxes for motorcycles being exported outside the European Union, but local taxes may apply at the destination country. Please contact us if you have any question in this regard as Investment Bikes is not responsible for local taxes, custom duties or inspection fees outside the European Union.